Traditional Hanging Methods Vs PosterSpring

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Why Lind PosterSpring Beats Traditional Methods

Lind PosterSpring is our most affordable system to purchase, maintain, and operate. It is the most accessible, efficient, and durable poster installation method available. We understand the challenges presented by traditional installation systems that businesses face. After years of testing and experimenting with vinyl, banner, and PE poster installation systems, we developed a more straightforward way to go about installation.

When developing our system, our goal was to avoid using anything that could cause severe damage, such as gripper bars, ratchets, pulleys, cables, etc. That’s what led us to determine that the best installation method was to utilize engineered spring and hook technology instead of the usual methods available. After nearly a decade of usage and ongoing development, the process we created is the most efficient poster installation system on the market. 

Using Lind PosterSpring provides a number of benefits, including savings on costs and labor. With no hardware, grommets, or rods required, installation can be done quickly by one individual, direct-from-box. 


Simplify Installation with Lind PosterSpring

From multi-story wallscapes to any sized bulletin, Lind products provide simple, durable, and long-lasting results. However, for poster installation specifically, we created a seamless system that is eco-friendly, visually appealing, and cost-effective:

  • Patent-pending spring and hook design
  • No pulleys, plastic, cables, clips, gripper bars, or pockets
  • Easily re-use and rotate posters due to limited cuts and protrusions.
  • Made to withstand harsh weather – the system was developed and used by billposters in extreme Great Lakes weather conditions.

Our PosterSping product is patent-pending spring and hook technology, made from 100% stainless steel. The system is easily installed and done quickly too. We can use PE posters and types of vinyl from any vendor you choose. There’s no prep required – they go directly from the shipping box to the billboard.

For perfect installations and easy signage change-outs, start a conversation with us. Our team of banner install experts look forward to going over how PosterSpring can benefit you!