BannerFrameCLASSIC without Covers

BannerFrameCLASSIC without Covers provides tight, wrinkle-free, sag-free, professional banner installations every time using just the base channels and not the covers. This is a great option when the banner will be viewed from a distance.

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BannerFrameCLASSIC generates continuous tension that is distributed evenly around the perimeter of the fabric graphic, creating a durable, flawless surface with easy change-outs. BannerFrameCLASSIC performs flawlessly without the use of grommets, cables, or other traditional installation methods. With the patented spring/hook technology, it prevents damage to your banner, extending the life of vinyl and PE banners for years to come!

BannerFrameCLASSIC is shipped in pre-measured and pre-sprung sections for easy out-of-the-box installation at your project location. All you have to do is secure the sections onto any type of surface and attach your banner to the patented spring tips. And that’s it! No extra hardware needed which gives your installers a lighter load to carry.

Note: This product comes without the screw-on Covers.

BannerFrameCLASSIC without Covers can be installed in a couple of hours. All you need is the base frame and a couple of pieces of hardware and you’ll be ready to go. No more grommets, cables, or wires!

Yes! BannerFrameCLASSIC can be used on multiple types of surfaces -- from wood to brick to concrete to even metal. You can even install the frame over preexisting sign faces.

The beauty of BannerFrameCLASSIC without Covers system is that it takes no time at all to prep. You can install the product straight from the box with only a few tools.

BannerFrameCLASSIC without Covers is great for any vinyl type and at any size. We do recommend a lighter vinyl for most applications.

No, although we do recommend printing a ¾” dashed line around the perimeter of your banner to make it easier to know where to punch holes.

Made with stainless steel to prevent rust or corrosion, BannerFrameCLASSIC can withstand even the harshest weather conditions. That means once you install it, you won’t need to change it for a very, very long time.

Yes! It only takes a few minutes to remove and install a new banner, speeding up the banner rotation process. It’s so easy that anyone can change a banner!

Yes and here’s why. Since it’s easy to rotate your banners without the fear of damaging the banner, the potential re-use of vinyl means that “one and done” situations no longer apply.

Step 1:

Using a tape measure, determine the size of your banner and mark its perimeter on the surface of your installation area.

Banner featuring the Lind logo
empty side of a brick building

Step 2:

Install the pre-measured base channel sections 1.5” around the perimeter.

Someone leveling the BannerFrame during installation

Step 3:

Pull the base channel’s BannerSpring tips through the banner’s pre-marked holes (information can be found in the banner prep instructions).

Someone attaching an outdoor banner to a Lind SignSpring installation system
Lind worker hanging a Lind billboard that says "No Strings Attached!" on the side of the Lind main office building
Banner hung by the Lind SingSpring installation system
schematics of the BannerFrame Cover system
Notice about installation of the Lind BannerSpring system

Step 1: Mark the Mark-line

Print or sketch a thin line around the entire banner perimeter, 3⁄4” inside the banner edge. All punch holes should be placed on mark-line.

Step 2: Mark Punch-Holes around Banner Perimeter on Mark-Line On Each of the 4 sides.....

Place your first dot 1” in from the banner edge along the Mark-Line
nPlace your second dot 6” in from the banner edge also along the Mark-Line
nAll additional dots should be spaced at 1’ intervals until you reach the end of the banner where the dots should be 6” and 1” from the edge respectively.

How to install a banner into the Lind SignSpring system
an example of how to install a 8' x 24' banner into the Lind SignSpring system

Substrate: Lind SignSpring Group suggests 7 oz. for vinyl for most applications. However, SignSpring performs well on heavier vinyl with mesh, backlit, PE and most fabric graphic substrates and thicknesses.
Finishing: For best results, edges should be stitched, hemmed, or welded to avoid edge-curl. Do not use grommets.
Printing: Artwork and Final printing should include a thin printed line bordering the entire graphic, 3⁄4” inside the banner edge. The holes may also be marked or inserted as part of the printing process. BannerFrame Cover Sections will cover 3’’ around the Banner perimeter. Avoid printing copy within 5” of Graphic Edge.

Notice about installation of the Lind BannerSpring system