Bulletin Frame

Bulletin Frame is an innovative billboard and bulletin banner installation system that offers a revolutionary approach to outdoor advertising.

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With no need for cables, clips, bars, ratchets, gripper bars, or grommets, this system attaches directly to the billboard’s face, providing a tight, flawless installation that is quick and easy to change out.

Not only does it offer simplicity reminiscent of a trampoline, but it also enhances the durability of large billboards, preserving and strengthening their perimeters.

The Bulletin Frame’s versatility and durability provides a distinct advantage over other out-of-home advertising companies, making it the go-to choice for efficient and effective outdoor advertising campaigns.

Bulletin Frame uses our patented spring/hook technology to securely fasten the banner to the installation frame, providing continuous tension that is distributed on the fabric graphic. This creates a sag-free and wrinkle-free installation every time!

Installation can be done in three easy steps:

  1. Remove the pre-measured sections
  2. Secure the sections onto the surface
  3. Install the banner by pulling the banner’s pre-cut holes through the SignSpring ends

With Bulletin Frame, you eliminate the common headaches and damage caused by outdated installation systems. And since the protrusions are limited, the life of your vinyl and PE banners is extended.

Our fabric graphic installation system is engineered for use under the most extreme conditions while looking great from the first day to the last.

No, there are no requirements when printing your banner for use with Bulletin Frame. However, we do recommend that you print a ¾” dashed line around the perimeter of your banner. This is where you will punch the holes for the BannerSpring tips.

Bulletin Frame has been designed specifically for Billboard and Bulletin installations providing versatility and durability.

Since Bulletin Frame is so easy to use, you’ll be able to change out and install new banners within minutes. That means your sign rotation schedule just got better!

Yes! Bulletin Frame can be used on any surface, no matter what the material is. Brick, wood, concrete, or metal, it works on them all!

Bulletin Frame is engineered with stainless steel for long-time use in any type of weather condition. From blizzards to hurricane winds, it will stand the test of time!

It only will take a couple of hours to install the entire system. Once Bulletin Frame is installed, rotating in new banners will only take a few minutes.

Since it’s a breeze to replace the banners on a regular basis, you’ll be able to use and reuse banners on a regular basis. No more getting rid of vinyl after one use!

Bulletin Frame can use all types of vinyl products, though we do recommend a lighter type of mesh vinyl, such as a 7 oz. and a 10 oz.

Step 1:

Unpack Lind BulletinFrame Sections. Each system ships prepped and pre-measured for direct from box installation.

Lind SignSpring Bulletin Frame Installation Kit Direct From Box

Step 2:

Install BulletinFrame around billboard perimeter. Install from the front or sides of your face. Simply use a cordless drill and your preferred wood or metal screw fastener.

Lind SignSpring Bulletin Frame Installation Kit being installed over existing billboard.

Step 3:

Install vinyl. Pull Spring tips into vinyl perimeter.

Lind SignSpring Bulletin Frame Installation Kit Installed attaching vinyl
Lind SignSpring Bulletin Frame -14' X 48' conversion
Notice about installation of the Lind BannerSpring system

Step 1: Mark the Mark-line

Start in the top left corner and attach the "Left 1" section first. Then, install "Top 1," ensuring that "Top 1" overlaps "Left 1."

Step 2: Install Top Sections

Continue installing the top sections one at a time, simply butting them together.

Step 3: Install Side Sections

Tuck "Right 1" under your last section on the top.

Step 4: Install Right Sections

Continue to install your right section pieces as they are labeled, such as Right 1, Right 2, and so on.

Step 5: Install Left Sections

Return to the left side of your board and install all the left-side pieces as they are labeled.

Step 6: Install Bottom Sections

Overlay "Bottom 1" over the last section installed on the left side. Work your way across the bottom, installing each section one at a time.

Step 7: Install The Vinyl Banner

Install your vinyl, beginning in the left-hand corner of the board. Spring all 4 corner springs, then work your way across the top until you reach the right corner. Once the top is completely sprung, spring the bottom 2 corners- then you can spring the remaining springs that are not sprung.



  • Your 45° angle pieces overlay your pieces in the corners.
  • 8 pre-drilled attachment holes per 4’ section- only 4 are required to be used.
  • Gap plates are provided and are to be tucked behind your pieces to fill any gaps that you may run into.
Notice about installation of the Lind BannerSpring system