Simple. Durable. Flawless!

An unbeatable ground-up solution for freestanding banners and signage. Exceptional for open surface areas like parking garage exteriors, scorebaord backs, and spaced columns where signage displays face wind exposure from all sides.

Ships pre-measured and prepped for direct-from-box installation!

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Lind BannerFrameAIR ships pre-measured & prepped for direct-from-box installation! A complete solution for free-standing, ground-up signage and open-air surfaces like parking garage exteriors, scoreboard backs and spaced beams and columns where signage displays face wind exposure from all sides.

Designed to assemble on site, in-air or in one piece prior to hanging, BannerFrameAIR is a complete banner and signage solution for long term performance, easy installation and quick simple changeouts.

BannerFrameAir options include BannerFrameClassic, BannerFrameDELUXE, and BannerFrameHINGE. Each providing exceptional simplicity, durability, exceptional finishing touch to a dynamic system!

Installation can be done in a snap! You have the choice of either installing the BannerFrameAIR either on the posts piece by piece or pre-assembled.

  • Remove the premeasured sections;
  • Dig the post holes into the ground;
  • Set BannerFrameAIR posts into the holes
  • Install the sleeves and gravel backfill
  • Put together the BannerFrameAIR face and install the vinyl

It’s extremely easy to install. All you need is a drill, preferably a cordless/hammer drill, chalk, level, tape, measure, and the pre-measured sections and you’re ready to go! For the covers, you need no hardware whatsoever -- just snap the sections into place!

All types of vinyl work well, though we recommend using a lighter-weight viny such as a 7 oz. or a 10 oz. When using BannerFrameAIR on projects above 100 sq ft, we recommend using a mesh vinyl to allow airflow and prevent damage to the cover sections.

Absolutely! There are increasingly new ways for PVC vinyl to be upcycled and recycled into new products, making BannerFrameAIR more eco-friendly than other signage options. BannerFrameAIR enables banners to last much longer with perfect tension and to even become permanent signage solutions.

No, though we do recommend printing a 3/4" dashed line on the inside perimeter of the vinyl as a guideline for where to hook the SignSprings. We recommend a double stitched hem; however, any finishing method, or even unfinished banner edges, will still work with the system.

The beauty of BannerFrameAIR is you need little to no prep time at all! Installation can be done straight out of the box and can take only a couple of hours.

Yes. The typical on-premise banner display can easily rotate and change as often as desired.

BannerFrameAIR is made to withstand harsh weather conditions and engineered specifically to prevent corrosion. You can expect long trusted service whether changing banners frequently or maintaining the same vinyl for extended periods.

Step 1:

Unpack BannerFrameAIR Kit.

Installation Kit for BannerFrameAIR

Step 2:

Dig BannerFrameAIR post holes.

Worker Digging Hole in Ground

Step 3:

Set BannerFrameAIR posts, sleeves & gravel backfill.

BannerFrameAIR Ready for Use

Step 4:

BannerFrameAIR Faces can be assembled piece by piece on the posts or pre-assembled as shown below.

BannerFrameAIR Ready for Use

Step 5:

Install vinyl and transport to job site. Simply lift BannerFrameAIR face onto bracket.

BannerFrameAIR Fully Assembled
Finished Installation of the BannerFrameAIR system
Notice about installation of the Lind BannerSpring system

Step 1: Mark the Mark-line

Print or sketch a thin line around the entire banner perimeter, 3⁄4” inside the banner edge. All punch holes should be placed on mark-line.

Step 2: Mark Punch-Holes around Banner Perimeter on Mark-Line On Each of the 4 sides.....

Place your first dot 1” in from the banner edge along the Mark-Line
nPlace your second dot 6” in from the banner edge also along the Mark-Line
nAll additional dots should be spaced at 1’ intervals until you reach the end of the banner where the dots should be 6” and 1” from the edge respectively.

How to install a banner into the Lind SignSpring system
an example of how to install a 8' x 24' banner into the Lind SignSpring system

Substrate: Lind SignSpring Group suggests 8 oz mesh for any project over 100 square feet. For under 100 square feet, 7 oz vinyl or mesh is recommended.
Finishing: For best results, edges should be stitched, hemmed, or welded to avoid edge-curl. Do not use grommets.
Printing: Artwork and Final printing should include a thin printed line bordering the entire graphic, 3⁄4” inside the banner edge. The holes may also be marked or inserted as part of the printing process. BannerFrame Cover Sections will cover 3’’ around the Banner perimeter. Avoid printing copy within 5” of Graphic Edge.

Notice about installation of the Lind BannerSpring system

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