BannerSpring and BannerFrame Frequently Asked Questions

YES. From 4x8 banners to 14x48 and 16x68 wallscapes and billboards and even circular vinyls and upon curved surfaces, BannerSpring and BannerFrame is designed to work easily on all areas that would accommodate vinyl banner signage. Applications include any solid surface walls, perimeter frames, and can be retrofitted over existing sign faces. The compact design of BannerSpring enables a tight installation for your vinyls while remaining fairly obscure. BannerFrameCLASSIC Systems include the option for both pre-sprung Basechannel Systems as well as complete with Cover Sections, which adds a frame to the perimeter of the display, an easy way to completely hide the springs while creating an even better signage experience. BannerSpring and BannerFrame provide outstanding installations on all sign surfaces from large wallscapes, to small point of purchase displays, and with the correct hardware can work on all types of wall surfaces, including brick, concrete, wood, corrugated metal, stucco, window frames, and more.

Very easy. In most cases, so easy a sign salesman can do it. We recommend having a cordless drill / hammer drill, proper hardware, chalk, level, and tape measure during your installation.

BannerSpring and BannerFrame Systems can work with any vinyl type, with some recommendations. When SignSpring produces the vinyl as a part of your BannerFrame project, we will recommend lighter-weight vinyls, such as 7oz and 8oz Mesh. This gives you added simplicity during the installation since no pre-punching is needed, as the hook on the BannerSpring is designed to go right through the surface of the vinyl. If the vinyl is 12oz or thicker, such as the 16oz double-sided backlit vinyl, we recommend having a leather hole punch tool during the installation to make the tiny holes for the BannerSpring on site. When using BannerFrameCLASSIC with Cover Sections, on projects above 100 sq ft, we recommend using a Mesh vinyl to allow airflow and prevent damage to the Cover Sections. BannerSpring and BannerFrameCLASSIC Basechannel projects can be recommended for any vinyl type and at any size.

Absolutely! BannerSpring and BannerFrame enable banners to last much longer with perfect tension, and to even become permanent signage solutions. Easy rotation and potential re-use of vinyl means that “One and done” does not have to apply. There are increasingly new ways for PVC vinyl to be upcycled and recycled into new products, making BannerSpring and BannerFrame solutions more eco-friendly than other signage options.

Yes. BannerSpring was designed for and used on large high-rise billboards. BannerSpring is made in Ohio and has stood the test-of-time in four seasons weather. Engineered in a durable stainless steel, each BannerSpring holds between 4 and 18 lbs of constant tension, which is multiplied among all springs in the overall system. BannerSpring contains no plastic components whatsoever. Each piece is easily replaceable simply by changing out an individual spring. You can expect long trusted service whether changing banners frequently or maintaining the same vinyl for extended periods.

Absolutely not. BannerSpring only requires very limited protrusions into the perimeter of the banner surface, which can be leveraged at the hook. Each spring holds the vinyl banner extremely close and tight to the wall or sign surface resulting in maximum vinyl life span.

Not necessarily. We do recommend printing a 3/4" dashed line on the inside perimeter of the vinyl, as a guideline for where to hook BannerSprings. We recommend a double stitched hem, however any finishing method, or even unfinished banner edges, will still work with the system. We recommend printing the vinyls through SignSpring as an entire kit to ensure proper fitting, which also extends a limited warranty of 2 years on the system. The beauty of  BannerSpring system is that it works with EVERY banner type and finishing technique on the market.

No prep time needed. Drop shipped banners for local and national clients go directly from the shipping, to out-of-box installation. No gripper bars, cables, grommets or clips needed.

Yes. The typical on-premise banner display can easily rotate and change as often as desired because of the simplicity of BannerSpring and BannerFrame. BannerSpring requires limited protrusions into the perimeter, while holding the vinyl extremely close and tight to the surface, resulting in maximum banner life span. BannerFrame takes this one step further by hiding and protecting the banner perimeter.

Whether you are a sign industry professional or a direct user, BannerSpring and BannerFrame create revenue possibilities that are endless. From large wallscapes to small temporary banners, the system allows easy change-outs that can result in increased sales via a rotary banner program. Increased sales can be created by the end-user with versatile signage and point of purchase advertising that enables fresh and professional looking banners with seasonal up-to-date content that can pull traffic and drive sales. Tight, sag-free installations of banner vinyls equal happy customers and clients. The ability to easily change-out banners can result in increased banner sales and more placement options.

BannerSpring, BannerFrameCLASSIC, and BannerFrameFLEX is a whole family of products for both temporary and permanent banner framing applications, utilizing spring technology to evenly tension vinyl banners of all sizes. In many cases, On-Premise SignSpring projects can be considered both a banner and a sign due to the engineering of the BannerFrame. We are not aware of a better system for hanging banners.

PosterSpring Frequently Asked Questions

YES. PosterSpring is designed to work easily with all molding types, both new and old, 30-sheet and 8-sheet. The narrow width enables a fit even below "stretch face" trim. PosterSpring even works nicely on radius corner or "retro" panels. PosterSpring and BannerSpring provide outstanding postings on bulletins and billboard poster panels that have no molding.

Very easy, no need to remove or replace trim, molding, or brackets. Lind Outdoor converted 90% of its poster plant without removing molding. A billposter with a cordless drill, tape measure and 48 PosterSprings is all that is required.

PosterSpring is the most eco-friendly system on the market. PosterSpring is the only system that enables easy rotation and re-use of SSPs. "One and done" does not have to apply when using the system.

Yes. Made in Ohio, entirely of durable engineered stainless steel, each PosterSpring holds between 4 and 18 lbs of constant tension, as an independent member of an overall system of springs. PosterSpring contains no plastic components whatsoever. Each piece is easily replaceable simply by changing an individual spring.

Just drill small holes into the side of the molding at specified 18" intervals. Can we still post glued posters and install premier vinyl wraps after installing PosterSpring? Absolutely, PosterSpring is installed completely beneath the molding and does not protrude into the posting surface and display area when not in use. Further, vinyl wraps can be accomplished just as before as PosterSpring is completely contained beneath the molding.

Lind Media orders and uses posters from most vendors each of whom has its own designated systems. The beauty of PosterSpring system is that it works with every single sheet poster on the market, PE, vinyl, ecoflex, mesh, backlit, and more.

All vendors that provide printing for regional and national outdoor campaign posters perform extremely well with PosterSpring.

None. Drop shipped posters for local and national buys go directly from the shipping box to the poster panel with absolutely no prep time. No gripper bars, cables or clips required.

Yes. The typical Single Sheet Poster can rotate multiple times depending on the vendor. PosterSpring requires limited protrusions into the poster while holding the SSP extremely close and tight to the face resulting in maximum poster life span. Lind Outdoor rotates hundreds of SSPs monthly with great success.

PosterSpring has provided amazing success on the sales side of our business because our poster and bulletin plants look awesome. Tight, wrinkle free postings equal happy advertisers. The ability to re-use and rotate single sheet posters has lowered production costs for our advertisers, enabling them to increase ad-spend in outdoor space. PosterSpring delivers lower production costs which provide a competitive advantage versus other outdoor operators and other media formats in general.

PosterSpring has enabled Lind Outdoor to increase billposting ability by 60%, while enabling increased efficiency overall. We have been able to transfer personnel to construction, maintenance and vegetation control that has enabled us to elevate the quality, size, and condition of our plant.

PosterSpring can be incorporated into any billboard operation with existing trim, available in 3", 6" and 11" lengths to fit any billboard molding. Once installed, no tools are needed for posting. We are not aware of a better billboard posting system.