What Is BannerFrame Air?

Lind Signspring BannerFrame Air scoreboard back-banner

Lind_SignSpring_Banner_Frame_AirFrame_Logo What Is BannerFrame Air?

What IS BannerFrame Air?

lind-Signspring-BannerFrame-Air-scoreboard-back-image-banner-sign What Is BannerFrame Air?

The complete solution for open-air surfaces like parking garage exteriors, scoreboard backs and spaced beams and columns where signage displays face wind exposure from all sides. BannerFrameAIR ships pre-measured & prepped for direct-from-box installation.

lind-Signspring-BannerFrame-Air-installation-kit-image What Is BannerFrame Air?


Designed to assemble on site, in-air or in one piece prior to hanging, BannerFrameAIR is a complete banner and signage solution for long term performance, easy installation and quick simple changeouts.

lind-Signspring-BannerFrame-Air-installation-frame-fabric-graphic-banner-image What Is BannerFrame Air?

BannerFrameAir partners well with the BannerFrameClassic, BannerFrameDELUXE, or BannerFrameHINGE kits. Each providing exceptional simplicity, durability, exceptional finishing touch to this dynamic system!

STADIUM APPLICATIONlind-Signspring-BannerFrame-Air-stadium-signs-banners-triangular-application What Is BannerFrame Air?

This system makes any space banner ready including nontraditional fabric graphic banner shapes and sizes.
BannerFrame-AIR-before-after-lind-signspring What Is BannerFrame Air?

BannerFrameAIR is made to withstand harsh weather conditions and engineered specifically to prevent corrosion. You can expect long trusted service whether changing banners frequently or maintaining the same vinyl for extended periods.

All types of vinyl banners work well, though we recommend using a lighter-weight viny such as a 7 oz. or a 10 oz. When using BannerFrameAIR on projects above 100 sq ft, we recommend using a mesh vinyl to allow airflow and prevent damage to the cover sections.

The typical on-premise banner display can easily rotate and change as often as desired.

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