Which SignSpring Fabric Graphic Installation System is Right for My Banner?

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For decades, our industry has been using grommets, ratchets, cables, and other types of destructive tools to install banners and signages. These methods often result in wrinkled, damaged banners that had taken hours to install. But fortunately, there’s a better method and that’s with Lind SignSpring.

Our products have been proven to be one of the best fabric graphic installation systems in the banner and signage industry today. And we want to share with you our simple spring/hook technology that will extend the lifespan of your vinyl banners while providing a sag-free, wrinkle-free installation each time.

But which banner installation system is the best for your project? In this blog, we break down our products so you have a better understanding of what system will work best.

What’s Your Project?

To figure out which of our fabric graphic installation systems is right for your sign or banner, it’s important to know what type of project you will be using the SignSpring system for.

Important specifics you should know before requesting a quote include:

  • The size of your banner or sign
  • The mounting surface (such as brick, granite, stucco, or corrugated metal)
  • If the surface is flat or curved
  • The frequency of the banner change-outs
  • How far the banner is from the viewer
  • And whether you want cover sections

Once you have all the details of your project, your best option is to contact us so we can provide a recommendation of the best banner installation system.

The Difference Between Lind SignSpring Banner Installation Systems


First up is the BannerFrameCLASSIC. No matter what your flat surface is made of — brick, stucco, concrete, or metal — the BannerFrameCLASSIC can easily be installed for all types and sizes of signage. Change-outs can occur within a few minutes and installation takes only a few hours to complete.

BannerFrameCLASSIC comes in two versions — with Covers and without Covers. The cover sections create an attractive border while hiding the spring/hook technology, great for banners and signage where the viewer can see the sign within a few feet. However, if your signage will be seen from a distance, without Covers may be a better option.


If your signage or banner is going to be close to traffic and requires frequent change-outs, the BannerFrameHINGE is the banner installation system for your project.

Instead of the screwed-on covers that the BannerFrameCLASSIC offers, the covering is on hinges, making it easy to lift the cover, remove the banner, add a new one, and close it in a snap. It’s so quick and easy that anyone will be able to change out a banner!


Not all surfaces are flat. Curved surfaces can be difficult to install a banner. If you’re facing a curved surface, then BannerFrameFLEX is for you.

BannerFrameFLEX can be installed on any surface and is specifically designed to be installed on a curved surface such as a water tower. The best part — BannerFrameFLEX holds a tight, sag-free, and wrinkle-free installation every time.


The newest member of our BannerFrame family, BannerFrameAIR is the best solution for freestanding banners and signage. Great for open surface areas, BannerFrameAIR comes with everything you need to install the banner — from the posts to the Faces to be assembled before installing on the bracket.

Unlike some other freestanding banner installation systems, the BannerFrameAIR can withstand large gusts of winds and severe stormy weather, keeping your vinyl banner or signage looking great for years to come.

Products for the Outdoor Advertising Industry

Not only does Lind SignSpring make installation systems for banners and signs, but we also have products specifically designed for the outdoor advertising industry.


From wallscapes to billboards, bulletins, and everything in-between, the BannerSpring installation system provides a tight, flawless installation every time. You won’t need the usual installation tools such as grommets, ratchets, cables, or gripper bars. Only our simple hook and spring system!


Single sheet billboard installation system PosterSpring is durable, easy to install, and fast. There’s no prep required and you can easily change single sheet posters within 10 minutes. Also available for 8-sheets, bulletins, and wallscapes, hidden springs can hold the poster close to the face to prevent wind ripple, sags or wrinkles.

Interested in a Lind SignSpring System? We’re Here to Help!

If you’re interested in learning more about our patented spring/hook technology but still aren’t sure what’s the right system for your project, we’re here to help! Contact Lind SignSpring today for more information.