So Simple, It’s Brilliant – Lind SignSpring Group Banner Frame Sign Solutions

A Lind SignSpring Product – BannerFrameCLASSIC With NO Covers Sample Display Banner with the wording, “Install Banners Better!”

Can Banner Changes Really Be This Simple?


We believe banner systems shouldn’t have to be complicated to look great and stay strong.

Watch how simply the BannerFrameCLASSIC goes in to place. Like making your bed, start at the corners. The hooks on the BannerSpring go right through the surface of the banner and hold it at a marked 3/4″ dashed line. Each BannerSpring holds between 4 – 18 lbs of constant tension creating a smooth surface. The design removes wrinkles, provides durability and provides a professional finish.



BannerFrameHINGE , originally known as BannerFrameONE is the ultimate One-Piece Banner Display System

The frame mounts on many different surfaces and as you see, allows you to change out your banners quickly and easily. Simply open the hinge frames and unhook the old banner and simply hook up the new vinyl banner. No installation skills required. Any available team member can now become a #SignMaster .


Does your marketing campaign require a little bit BIGGER banner?

The OhioHealth wallscape above is 54ft X 90ft and covers 5000 square feet. It was installed in about 75 minutes. The Lind BannerSpring system was perfect for this project. The system requires no cables, clips, or bars to grip. The patented design removes the need for ratchets and removes wrinkles, tracks or rips. We use trampoline simplicity to ensure large billboard durability.




Did this billboard really install in under 4 minutes?

Lind Media‘s own “Iron” Mike shows us how he installs a 30-sheet ecoposter in under 4 minutes!
PosterSpring is the most eco-friendly system on the market. PosterSpring is the only system that enables easy rotation and re-use of SSPs. “One and done” does not have to apply when using the system.

Are you ready for SIMPLE?

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