Murals On A Budget


Mural On A Budget

Watch Lind Mural Frame replace a worn hand painted brick wall mural in Mt Victory, Ohio.


Murals, Artscapes and Mosaics are growing in popularity in communities everywhere. Displaying history, local artwork, tourist photo ops and future expansions – these wallscapes highlight the best our cities and villages have to offer.

Traditional hand painted murals are beautiful, but are often limited in scope by budgets and sustainability. These paintings have a potentially short lifespan due to weather, fading, and surface deterioration.

Lind Mural Frame is a reusable patented framework that houses a graphic fabric banner. Banners are attached with our durable spring and hook technology. That means no grommets, cables, tracks, or clips, and no ratchets, wrinkles, sags, or rips! The constant, even tension provides a durable, permanent signage solution while enabling easy graphic change-outs.

The banners are also reusable! Change out banners to recognize community anniversaries, announce annual celebrations, promote seasonal events or display local art. Reimagine the walls of your cities as often as you would like and return to a favorite banner, evergreen mural, in between change outs.

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Learn how the community selected the image for this project at Mt Victory Project at the Henry Martin Memorial Park.

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