McDonald’s has BannerFrame for Breakfast

The Smell of Success!

Less than 3 months after installing Lind BannerFrame at its North Central Ohio restaurants, McDonald’s is already seeing the remarkable benefits of easy change-outs with a flawless appearance.

“BannerFrame allows us to easily and frequently change our restaurant banners and communicate directly with our customers. Our banners look professional and permanent while allowing quick, easy change-outs by even the most junior entry level staff. Lind SignSpring has turned our Banner program from an afterthought into a primary ad-medium that we can synch with McDonald’s Radio, Print, TV and Billboard messages. SignSpring is a game-changer and allowed us to expand our banner program in an efficient way.”
Jeff Monica
McDonald’s of North Central Ohio

Screen-Shot-2020-08-05-at-2.41.32-PM-WEB McDonald's has BannerFrame for Breakfast

Patented Lind SignSpring is a spring based, stainless steel, sign mounting and tensioning device that provides an alternative to common banner installation methods. Simple Spring and Hook technology means no grommets, cables, frames, or clips and no ratchets, wrinkles, sags, or rips. The constant and even tension provides a durable permanent signage solution while enabling easy graphic change-outs.

Screen-Shot-2020-08-05-at-2.41.38-PM-WEB McDonald's has BannerFrame for Breakfast

Much like the simplicity of a trampoline, SignSpring provides tight, wrinkle free, sag free, professional banner installations every time whether your display period is 4 weeks or 4 years. Developed and proven on billboards in extreme Great Lakes conditions, SignSpring is unequaled from the smallest P-O-P banner displays to the largest urban wallscapes and billboards. Along with optional BannerFrame and PosterSpring there is no simpler or better technique for fabric graphic installation.