Any Surface


BannerFrame-Classic-w-cover-sections-018-on-brick Any Surface

Any Surface.

Lind SignSpring BannerFrameCLASSIC fabric graphic installation system is a revolutionary way to install and display banners on any type of flat surface — from brick and concrete to wood and metal and everything in-between!

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BannerFrameCLASSIC with Covers is ideal for an enormous range of flat surfaces for banners of all sizes. It features a screw-on cover, creating an attractive border for your banner while hiding the spring/hook technology from the viewer.

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With our patented spring/hook technology, you will no longer have use for traditional installation methods such as grommets, tracks, cables, rods, or other hardware. BannerFrameCLASSIC with Covers provides a tight, wrinkle-free, and sag-free installation every time!

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BannerFrameCLASSIC is engineered for use under the most extreme conditions while looking great throughout the lifespan of your display. Vinyl change-outs occur in minutes and the whole installation takes approximately two hours to complete.

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BannerFrameCLASSIC provides outstanding installations on all sign surfaces from large wallscapes to small point of purchase (POP) displays. With the correct hardware, this product can work on all types of wall surfaces, including brick, concrete, wood, corrugated metal, stucco, window frames, and more. It can also be retrofitted over any existing sign faces.


We invite you to look look at our gallery, learn about each product or send us a quote request and let us help you with your banner surface solutions.
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