What IS BannerFrameHinge?

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BannerFrameHinge What IS BannerFrameHinge?

What IS BannerFrameHinge?

BannerFrameHINGE featuring attached cover sections, enables easy installations, with even easier change-outs, every time!

bannerFrame-Hinge-Customers What IS BannerFrameHinge?

BannerFrameHINGE is perfect for signs that need to be changed out frequently, offering attached, hinged covering that allow you to change out your banner fast. Perfect for signs and banners that are close to traffic, you’ll have an easy change-out every time!

Lind BannerFrameHINGE, featuring attached cover sections, enables easy installations, with even easier change-outs, every time!

Engineered spring and hook technology means no cables, grommets, tracks, tension rods or tools. Much like the simplicity of a trampoline, BannerFrameHINGE provides tight, wrinkle free, sag free, professional installations, in minutes, every time.

Developed and proven on Billboards in extreme Great Lakes conditions, Lind SignSpring Products are unequalled from the smallest P-O-P banner displays to the largest urban wallscapes and billboards.

There is no simpler or better technique for fabric graphic installation.

***Please note: The size of the width or height of your banner cannot exceed 16′ to use this product. If you have a larger banner, consider BannerFrameCLASSIC with Covers.


image3 What IS BannerFrameHinge?


image0 What IS BannerFrameHinge?

Mark your Banner perimeter and install BannerFrameHinge 1.5” off the outline.

Vinyl Banner Installation

image1 What IS BannerFrameHinge?

Pull BannerSpring tips Through pre-marked holes along banner perimeter.


image2 What IS BannerFrameHinge?

Close Cover Sections. Enjoy Flawless appearance with easy changeouts in minutes.

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