No Grommets Ever?!

North Central State College wallscape

An Open Letter to the Sign Industry….

Screen-Shot-2020-08-05-at-2.59.42-PM-WEB No Grommets Ever?!

Dear Sign Industry Professionals:

The grommet question is, by far, the most often asked us by sign industry pros. It actually inspired one of our tag materials; “No Cables, Clips or Bars to Grip……No Grommets, Wrinkles, Sags or Rips!” We developed SignSpring for our Ohio billboard company which operates over 800 billboards ranging from hi-rise freeway bulletins to multi-story urban wallscapes. In all cases, our billboards are exposed to significant wind and weather. SignSpring has survived severe windstorms, a tornado, and even Hurricane Sandy. In over 5 years of extensive usage, we have never had a pull-through or failure. From the smallest P-O-P displays to the largest banners and billboards, SignSpring has performed flawlessly.

Screen-Shot-2020-08-05-at-2.59.50-PM-WEB No Grommets Ever?!

Our engineering, completion photos and installation videos can help explain the product, but often Industry veterans are skeptical until they experience SignSpring first-hand.

How Does it Work?

Like a trampoline, SignSpring generates continuous spring tension that is distributed evenly around the perimeter of the fabric graphic.your display period is 5 weeks or 5 years. tight, wrinkle-free, sag-free appearance whether The pressure is even and infinite, providing a engineered spring and hook technology provides a durable, flawless surface with easy change-outs that enable sign companies to establish lucrative rotation contracts with clients.

Patented BannerSpring, PosterSpring, and BannerFrame provide exceptional, long term performance with quick installations and easy change-outs. There is no simpler or better technique for fabric graphic installation and we are excited to share it with the entire outdoor advertising and sign graphics industries.

Screen-Shot-2020-08-05-at-2.59.57-PM-WEB No Grommets Ever?!

Still skeptical? 

Take a look around our website to watch wind load and installation videos and learn more. Provide us pics and details of you next project. We can provide very complete solutions and a quick quote.