Grommets Suck!

Banner hung by the Lind SingSpring installation system

Patented Lind SignSpring is making Grommets Obsolete!

Screen-Shot-2020-08-05-at-2.34.46-PM-WEB Grommets Suck!

We developed SignSpring for billboards ranging from hi-rise freeway bulletins to multistory urban wallscapes. In all cases, our billboards are exposed to significant wind and weather. The system has survived severe windstorms, a tornado, and even Hurricane Sandy. In over 5 years of extensive usage, we have never had a pull-through. From the smallest P-O-P displays to the largest banners and billboards, SignSpring has performed flawlessly.

Screen-Shot-2020-08-05-at-2.34.54-PM-WEB Grommets Suck!

Like a trampoline, SignSpring generates continuous spring tension that is distributed evenly around the perimeter of the fabric graphic. The pressure is even and infinite, providing a tight, wrinkle-free, sag-free appearance whether your display period is 5 weeks or 5 years. Engineered spring and hook technology provides a durable, flawless surface with easy change-outs that enable sign companies to establish lucrative rotation contracts with clients.

Screen-Shot-2020-08-05-at-2.35.01-PM-WEB Grommets Suck!

BannerSpring, PosterSpring and BannerFrame provide exceptional, long term performance with quick installations and easy change-outs. There is no simpler or better technique for fabric graphic installation and we are excited to share it with the entire outdoor advertising and sign graphics industries. Think SignSpring for your next project. Provide us details and a picture of your next installation. We can provide very complete ideas and solutions in minutes.

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