Freaking Awesome!

A Lind SignSpring Product – BannerFrameCLASSIC With Covers for Los Alamitos Medical Center on the exterior brick wall-Vertical Banner- “Experience” Design

“I’ve never seen anything like this. You guys make a great product. It’s freaking awesome!”
-Alex Yu, SpeedPro Imaging Costa Mesa, CA

Using the Lind SignSpring system, SpeedPro Graphics of Costa Mesa, CA and Stellar Installations partnered in installing (3) 9’x32′ wallscapes for Los Alamitos Medical Center in California. Their feedback made us proud: “Installation went off without a hitch, I’m really sold on your system.”

“Change outs will be really easy. I’ll be recommending this system.”

wallscape-2 Freaking Awesome!

Best of all, they placed another order.

wallscape-3 Freaking Awesome!

Our Thanks to Alex at Speedpro for your business and Mike at Stellar Installations for recommending us.

PS: Were ready for your next order! Check out our YouTube channel to watch wind load and installation videos and learn more. Provide us pics and details of your next project. We can provide very complete solutions and a quick quote.