Why Heavy Metal?

Heavy Metal! Lind SignSpring Fabric Graphic Installation Systems is the best option for corrugated sheet metal surfaces.

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When your building is sided with corrugated metal, the possibilities for banners are endless! BannerFrame by SignSpring is perfectly compatible with metal siding and holds firm even in any weather.

Sheet metal provides the ability to build a large building for less expense than a brick structure. Unlike vinyl siding, corrugated metal is less likely to warp and is less likely to show dents if a tornado or hurricane slings projectiles at it. Prefabricated sheet metal can be rapidly manufactured to a variety of flute widths. With low maintenance needs and a long lifespan, it is clear to see why so many industries love corrugated sheet metal buildings. But the question is… how hard it is to hand a sign from it?

When your building has a large wall, an important question is installation. Grommets are a pain, especially when the installer is in a man-lift hundreds of feet off the ground. Using heavy and bulky tools at this height is a falling hazzard. Fortunately, SignSpring products are lightweight and easy to install. Banner swap-outs require no tools meaning your installer can focus on punching the spring tips through the banner for a perfect finish.

SignSpring systems are the most cost effective option when it comes to wind. Vinyl is expensive, and using grommets can cause damage rendering your banner unusable. Imperfect tension causes strain on the banner during big windstorms. This strain can rip out the grommets completely. BannerFrame holds your banner securely with an even distribution of tension. SignSpring helps you save money on expensive vinyl and also makes sure your banner is never caught flapping in the wind.

Wind is no joke when it comes to corrugated walls. When wind hits a building, the greatest force comes from the direction the wind is blowing, but as the air moves around the building it increases in speed. With corrugated metal sizing, wind can also slide beneath the banner and create strain as it pulls away from the building. SignSpring products are impervious to this phenomenon! The frames hold trampoline-style tension and all force is absorbed by the springs themselves. But most importantly, BannerFrame sits on the flutes rather than against the wall itself. The banner is above the corrugation allowing the wind to move freely.

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There are a wide variety of building styles that use corrugated metal. SignSpring has attached our products to general stores, industrial buildings, and even local business offices in historic downtown areas.

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