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SignSpring on Glass

Windows are an important topic in the sign industry. Whether your windows are a blank canvas or a eye sore adapting them for your use can be a challenge depending on the building. Unfortunately, not all window solutions are created equal. Windows are exposed to moisture, temperature changes, and UV light. This means that window decals are not a viable option. Stickers peel, fade, ripple, and are hard to remove. If your window has a protruding divider, or an unusual texture this can also be problematic for stickers. Stickers also require time and labor to keep the windows clean at all times. What if there was an easier way? SignSpring’s design is the solution. SignSpring sections can be bolted directly into the brick, metal or wood that frames the window. An installer only needs a good drill and self-tapping screws. The most important advantage with SignSpring is strength. When the channels are thoroughly bolted to the wall, the system can withstand high winds from any direction. The springs hold perfect tension all year long. We will be looking at three examples of how Lind SignSpring is adaptable to any type of window coverage.

CTCT-20181112_150218-225x300 Stay Off The Glass!   IMG_4762-224x300 Stay Off The Glass!   Round-Window-300x228 Stay Off The Glass!

If your building has unsightly building flaws, or bricked up windows, SignSpring is a perfect fit for the project. SignSpring channels only need an inch or two or margin to be installed. The springs themselves can also be bolted to any surface. This means that our system can tackle windows of any shape! Drilling into brick requires self-tapping screws. If the installer encounters a bad brick or crumbling mortar, they can create a new hole in the BannerFrame channels. The result is a clean, inexpensive solution to old windows in old buildings.

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BannerFrameClassic can be purchased with cover sections for long-running advertisements and permanent graphics. In fact, any structure can be leveraged for advertising purposes. The Detroit Institute of Art used BannerFrameClassic with covers to transform an underground parking garage entrance stairway. The structure had walls of glass and was held together with a steel frame. BannerFrame attached flawlessly. Sometimes the best way to cover something is to hide it in plain sight and draw attention to it! SignSpring can help you control the view.

IMG_4591-300x134 Stay Off The Glass!

BannerFrameClassic is a simple solution for any banner. Big-box retailers often swap out posters, point of purchase displays, and graphics depending on the season and the corporate marketing campaigns currently in play. With SignSpring, employees won’t have to fight with grommets, zip ties and ratchet straps. Lowes used SignSpring to bolt their sign directly to their aluminum window frame to advertise their private label credit cards. They only need to install it once, after that, no tools are needed. SignSpring banners can be changed out in minutes by anyone at any time.

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