Proud to Serve Marion!

Volume 02 | August 2021



Proud to Serve Marion!

mar-25-ed Proud to Serve Marion!


Lind Media is excited to announce our new digital board in the heart of Marion, 1106 Mt. Vernon Avenue! We look forward to serving the Marion County Market with our high resolution digital board.

Color Psychology in Billboards

Advertising is largely a visual medium. As such, color plays a large role in everything from attention grabbing to setting a tone, or reinforcing brand identity. In design, it’s a good practice to use a bright color to draw the drivers’ eyes to the ad. Good colors for this are yellow, red, orange, pink and bright green.
Also consider what your colors may mean. For example, purple is associated with luxury and yellow is associated with creativity and happiness.

cool-vector-color-swatches-_Converted_ Proud to Serve Marion!


Did you know?

Lind 30-sheet and 8-sheet poster panels are over 30% larger than those of our primary competitor. Lind uses state-of-the-art 100 watt led light fixtures that provide an unequaled illumination quality. Lind billposters and installers are dedicated to placing, building, and maintaining highly visible and aesthetically pleasing billboard structures.


Richland-30s Proud to Serve Marion!

What do you call a committee made up entirely of people named William?

A Billboard.


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