Perfect for Blockheads

Textured Concrete Blocks (1)


Sign installers encounter many different types of brick walls. But what if the surface is not smooth enough for traditional installation methods? SignSpring helps you rise above the texture… literally!

2-300x225 Perfect for Blockheads   3-300x225 Perfect for Blockheads

The installation for BannerFrame on textured block walls is similar to the installation on corrugated metal siding. BannerFrame sits on the high points of the surface providing a flawless even plane above any texture.


BannerSpring-on-textured-block-via-1x4-treated-wood-1-300x152 Perfect for Blockheads   Startek-2-300x225 Perfect for Blockheads

The best part about Lind BannerFrame is its compatibility with any surface. There is no difference between installing on a wall made of brick, stone or cement. Lind BannerFrame can be attached to any of these solid surface walls using the same self-tapping anchor screws.

4-300x226 Perfect for Blockheads   5-300x225 Perfect for Blockheads

BannerFrame products are lightweight and durable. Whether your surface is smooth, rough, or non-existent (BannerFrameAIR)… Lind SignSpring has a solution!

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