ONE man. ONE wall. ONE Hour.

Lind Banner Frame Classic installation kit example that says "One Man. One Wall. One Hour."
ONE man. ONE wall. ONE Hour.

Installing SignSpring is straightforward and simple. Full stop!

Temple-Christian-School-Banner-Brighter-300x225 ONE man. ONE wall. ONE Hour.  IMG_20210611_144042449_HDR-300x163 ONE man. ONE wall. ONE Hour.   KS-300x145 ONE man. ONE wall. ONE Hour.

No matter which type of wall you’re installing your signage on, SignSpring provides simple direct-from-box installations. All BannerFrame products (BannerFrameCLASSIC, BannerFrameDELUXE, BannerFrameHINGE etc) use the same standard technology. The fame itself is made of 4ft channel sections. These are secured to the wall individually and connected together. This provides the strength to hold the banner under any weather or wind. The BannerFrame channel sections are pre-sprung (The springs are already attached) and ready to be secured to the surface with self-tapping screws. After installing the system channels, all that is left is to hang the vinyl banner. Each spring is spaced a uniform distance from its counterparts. Together, they hold even, balanced tension around the banner perimeter when centered on the mark line. The mark line is printed around the perimeter to show where to puncture your spring tips through the vinyl. This step is important, becasue it is the key to eliminating sagging and ripples. Because the tension is balanced, strong winds will not rip the banner out of its grommets during a storm. Not only does SignSpring save you time on installation, it saves you money in the long run! there’s no need to constantly replace vinyl that has been shredded by storms.

All systems that we ship out are hand selected, and pre-measured to fit your specific project needs.

Direct From Box installations. Easy change outs.
Successful projects!

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