Lind Delivers Traffic!

A Lind SignSpring billboard for the health field that states "Lind Delivers Patients!" showing an image of a nurse and an elderly patient in the background

IMG_1956 Lind Delivers Traffic!

Lind Delivers Patients!


Lind-Delivers-PAtients Lind Delivers Traffic!


Healthcare is a Trillion Dollar Industry dominating the economy and daily living.

Patient recruitment and brand awareness is critical as healthcare competition and market choices continue to grow. Billboards create household names and faces in healthcare, creating familiarity and connections between providers, organizations and the entire market area.

Healthcare is about compassion and delivering an outstanding patient and family experience. Outdoor is about introducing and reinforcing your brand, expertise and quality to the entire market. Lind helps grow market share and organizations while creating more opportunities to help patients.

Lind Market Spotlight:

Wooster, Orrville & Wayne County!


ProudtoServe-Wayne-1024x468 Lind Delivers Traffic!


Lind Media is Wooster’s Outdoor Company, providing dominant market coverage with over 200 billboards throughout Wayne county area.

Recent inventory additions include Mechanicsburg Road coverage as well as high resolution digital billboard installations scheduled to install in September.

Wooster is a world-class business community with significant manufacturing, agricultural and healthcare sectors. Wooster is……. and the hometown of …….


Wayne2021-01-1024x791 Lind Delivers Traffic!




Lind Delivers Great Creative!

IMG_20210712_103429171_HDR-1024x485 Lind Delivers Traffic! IMG_20210712_143014022_HDR-_1_-1024x532 Lind Delivers Traffic! IMG_20210727_124356045 Lind Delivers Traffic!


Bold Copy, Great Color Contrast and Strong Images Deliver exceptional advertising results. Every Time!



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Did you know?
Billboards originated on the roads into ancient Rome with copy etched onto stone tablets called Oblisques?







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