Lind Delivers Diners!

Lind Delivers Diners

IMG_1956 Lind Delivers Diners!

Lind Delivers Diners!


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Busy lives and family schedules have resulted in sustained growth and opportunity for restaurants.

Ohio’s highway system carries millions of vehicles each day bringing opportunity, consumers and wide exposure to local restaurants. In much of Ohio, Lind Media is an advertising mainstay for restaurants, taverns, and all types of food service providers. Only Billboards reach 100% of local markets while also connecting and directing through traffic and visitors to dining options. Restaurant choices and decisions are often discussed and determined in-car.

Restaurants are about service, quality and convenience. Outdoor is about massive, unmatched exposure to local and traveling consumers. Lind billboards create instant awareness and connections while exposing Restaurants to non-stop opportunity.



Lind Market Spotlight:
Wooster & Wayne County!


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Lind Media is Wayne’s Outdoor Company, providing dominant market coverage with over 100 billboards throughout the Wayne county area.

Lind Media now offers two high resolution digital billboards in the heart of Wayne County. The first is located on Madison Avenue and the second on Burbank Road.

The Wooster area enjoys a diverse economy led by strong and varied corportate, industrial, healthcare, tourism, and educational sectors. Wooster serves as the Wayne County seat and the dairy capital of the state of Ohio!



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Lind Delivers Great Creative!

Order Up!

Potential Patrons will be passing by at crucial times of day. Use your billboard to highlight new menu items or show off old favorites. High quality food photography is always a hit!


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Did you know?
The majority of people notice billboards! An Arbitron study found that 71% of people announce not just seeing billboards, but actually noting what’s on them. And more than half said they share something amusing they saw on the board with another person.







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