Is it a Banner or Sign?

after bannerframe

Even up-close, in bright sunlight, on a rough wall, Lind SignSpring is flawless!

Wall-Before-BannerFrame Is it a Banner or Sign?


bannerFrame-on-wall Is it a Banner or Sign?

BannerFrame base channel installed

banner-installation Is it a Banner or Sign?

7 oz Vinyl installed on BannerFrame by pulling spring tips into prepunched banner holes

after-bannerframe Is it a Banner or Sign?

BannerFrame Cover Sections Installed over flawless tight vinyls

1 installer, 2 hours and a VERY happy client!

Whether you call it a banner or sign, there is no simpler or better system for fabric graphic installation than patented Lind SignSpring.

Simple spring and hook technology means no grommets, cables, frames or clips. The constant and even tension provides a durable permanent signage solution with quick installations and easy change-outs. Much like the simplicity of a trampoline, SignSpring provides tight, wrinkle free, sag free, professional banner installations every time whether your display period is 4 weeks or 4 years.

Developed and proven on billboards in extreme Great Lakes conditions, SignSpring is unequaled from the smallest P-O-P banner displays to the largest urban wallscapes and billboards.