Is it a Banner…or A SIGN?

Lind Banner Frame Classic installation kit example that says "Is it a Banner or a sign?"

Is it a Banner…or A SIGN?

That’s the beauty of it… SignSpring is both! No matter the definition, BannerFrame is the perfect combination.

Although both signs and banners fall into the category of “visual indicators” there are important differences. “Banners” are primarily fabric material, and can be mounted temporarily on a surface. “Signs” on the other hand refer to more rigid structures which are designed to be more durable and permanent.

FH-change-out-300x147 Is it a Banner...or A SIGN?      BannerFrame-Air-002-300x225 Is it a Banner...or A SIGN?

But what if you could combine the best of both worlds? Banners are a great way to customize your message depending on your changing needs. Signs are strong representation for your long-term branding identity. SignSpring products can do both! For example, our BannerFrameDeluxe can act as sign, while moving with atmospheric conditions like a banner. BannerFrame Flex uses fabric… but applies it as a permanent solution. Perfect for water tanks and other hard to reach curved surfaces.

Naumoff-Complete-3-002-300x225 Is it a Banner...or A SIGN?       BannerFrameFLEXpic1-Silo-300x225 Is it a Banner...or A SIGN?

BannerFrame is the perfect system to add additional signage to buildings. Why not activate blank walls for branding purposes? Excellent for seasonal promotions, announcements, and many other advertising messages! SignSpring provides exceptional resale opportunities for sign shops. Create your own win-win using SignSpring BannerFrame.

H_E-232x300 Is it a Banner...or A SIGN?    5-1-300x225 Is it a Banner...or A SIGN?   4-1-225x300 Is it a Banner...or A SIGN?

Have you been waiting for a sign to start your signage project? Well this is it! Call us today for a quote on your next project!

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