Heavy Metal!

Heavy Metal

BannerFrame provides flawless signage for steel buildings and corrugated metal siding of any kind!

Sign installers have to be prepared to face any surface with confidence. Corrugated metal is a popular building material, but it has specific needs in regard to signage. Anything that is hung on metal siding must be as light as possible, but due to wind, it also needs to be as strong as possible. BannerFrame is the answer.

BF-on-Metal-300x202 Heavy Metal! Smetz-6-300x169 Heavy Metal! MedCentral-Closeup-7-10-15-225x300 Heavy Metal!

BannerFrame is composed of individual channel sections that connect to each other and the surface to form a frame. To this frame, a variety of different cover sections can be attached (BannerFrameDELUXE, BannerFrameCLASSIC, BannerFrameHINGE etc.) The base channels ship to the client with the springs already attached, and ready to be installed. The entire system uses screws to attach to the frame under the corrugated metal for perfect even frame tension.


SignSpring is constantly experimenting to discover new ways to apply our system in different contexts. BannerFrameClassic is a great option for steel shipping containers. This example is 6ft tall and spans 36ft wide. Notice the lack of wrinkles! No matter how large or how wide the sign needs to be, BannerFrameClassic is up for the challenge! The system is easy to install, and does not require any grommets, ratchets, cables or clips! Because the frame holds perfect tension, the banner will never sag, ripple, or get ripped out by the wind.

IMG_5177-300x118 Heavy Metal!on-Shipping-containers-close-up-300x225 Heavy Metal!

Wind is certainly a concern with corrugated metal. Wind can travel through the flutes of the corrugation and pull the banner away from the wall surface. SignSpring sits on the tops of the flutes, and is compatible with vinyl mesh. This gives the air an opportunity to move through the fabric and escape without ballooning the fabric out of the frame.

BannerFrameCLASSIC-with-NO-cover-Sections-002-300x225 Heavy Metal!   BannerFrame-on-Corrugated-Sidingbefore-6-Copy-300x225 Heavy Metal!    BannerFrame-on-Corrugated-Sidingbefore-7-Copy-300x225 Heavy Metal!

This project for Ohio Health is a perfect example! This 16’x18’ ft banner is attached to deep channel siding which acts as a combination of roof and wall material. Over the past sixteen years, the banner has been replaced only a few times for design changes! BannerFrame is a long-term solution. Period. The system is built to last.

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