Elegance-From Gardens to Great Walls

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Aesthetics matter. Whether your banner is on an urban wall or near a flower bed, BannerFrameClassic is elegant enough for any location. The tension springs used to hold the banner in place are covered with powder-coated section pieces. This smooth finish not only protects the stainless steel hardware, but also helps direct the viewer’s eye to the focal point of the banner itself. BannerFrame is the perfect balance of functionality and minimalist perfection.

DRM-Completion-Photo-300x225 Elegance-From Gardens to Great Walls

DRM wanted to capitalize on a high profile exterior wall surrounded by showplace landscaping. After looking at all wallscape systems, they chose Lind BannerFrame. No other system came close. BannerFrame enables rapid banner swap outs so your landscaping won’t be disturbed.

union-station-denver-300x174 Elegance-From Gardens to Great Walls

This BannerFrame features the Don Stinson ‘s painting “Mountain View”. UV ink on synthetic polyester canvas. (Note the billboard on the left hand side!) BannerFrameClassic is perfect for brick wall installations. BannerFrames are strong enough to withstand any wind that the building can withstand, and use self-tapping screws to bolt directly to the brick itself. BannerFrame’s simple look both matches the vintage architecture and compliments the banner.

Gente-del-Maise-300x226 Elegance-From Gardens to Great Walls    Triumph-of-the-Heart-300x166 Elegance-From Gardens to Great Walls

SignSpring partnered with SPARC (Social and Public Art Resource Center) in Los Angeles to help bring the creative vision of Judith Baca to life. “Gente del Maize” and “Triumph of the Hearts” are displayed using BannerFrameClassic on a stucco surface. stucco is a tricky surface because it can crumble under heavy weight especially if the layer behind the stucco is not solid. BannerFrame is the best solution for several reasons. First, our system is light weight. The frame is assembled in multiple 4ft sections, each weighting only a few pounds. Each section is individually bolted to the wall creating even weight distribution for the frame to sit on. Second, our system is compatible with many types of bolts and self-tapping screws. Stucco requires extra-long anchor screws and plastic sleeves in order to reach deep enough to be secure. With this combination of technology and engineering, SignSpring products will never rip out threads or fall off a wall.

BannerFrameClassic is perfect for landscaped lawns, mountain climates, and urban wallscapes. Where would you like to put your banner?

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