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Wallscape Of The Week: Lind SignSpring is Changing Industry Standards

Durden-sign-conversion-planet-fitness-marianna-billboard-insider Durden Converts 365 Signs from Rods to Springs

Durden Challenged The Standards

When is the best time to change industry standards? When they no longer serve the industry well.

Durden Outdoor recently converted 365 static poster faces from the traditional rod system to Lind SignSpring System’s PosterSpring 11.

They weren’t out to challenge norms, but rather avoid known issues.

The 3 things they didn’t like about the old “tried and true” industry standard system were:

  1. You had to purchase & use rods.
  2. The use of the “fishing pole” for installation of the top rod.
  3. The required drill tightening to snug up the poster.

The Lind SignSpring Installation System avoids all three of these concerns.

Durden-sign-conversion-jim-whaley-tires-billboard-insider-lind-signspring Durden Converts 365 Signs from Rods to Springs

Durden did their due diligence by retrofitting just 1 Poster panel in 2021.

They wanted to see what time would do to the SignSpring System.

“During the 8 months we observed the initial LIND PosterSpring eco poster we did our best to find something wrong with them. The springs didn’t rust, bend, or break. The idea of installing these springs 18″ apart affixed to the billboard trim a metal face or trim seemed so stupid simple…..but it worked very well!! Our team liked the springs so much we installed them on all 365 poster faces we own and operate in Alabama and Florida.” Bill Durden

Durden is expected to see a project payback in just 2.5 years.

Additional benefits they received:

  1. Reduced Labor cost along
  2. Reduction in training time
  3. No more Repair Time
  4. No need to purchase glue or paper poster.
  5. Extended their rotation cycle 4 week to an 8 week rotation cycle due to longer lasting banners.

Learn more about the details of their conversion from direct from Bill in Billboard Insider .

Thank you Bill for questioning norms and allowing us to provide a system that works better for your business.

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