Beats the Other Systems COLD!

Creative Display of Saskatchewan, Canada chose Lind BannerFrame CLASSIC. The only system proven to deliver in all weather conditions: “We replaced 2 – 30’ x 15’ banner systems that had been installed on a grain elevator years back. The old frames required specialty finishing on the banners and were labor intensive to change banners out.  After carefully considering different frames we chose Lind SignSping frames. Our install team was pleased at how easy the frames were to install. They were made up of short lightweight components that were easy to handle even in the below freezing temperatures our team faced.  Each banner took minutes to install once the frames were secured and look amazing! A week later the frames/banners were put to the ultimate test!  A major Canadian winter blizzard that brought 75 mph winds, blowing snow and -20 degrees wind-chill factors. To my surprise neither banner or frame incurred any damage!  After surviving this weather I am a believer in this product and we have a satisfied client that will benefit from more efficient cost effective banner changeouts for years to come.” – Todd Huber, President – Creative Display Regina, SK
15′ x 30′ Lind BannerFrameCLASSIC(no cover sections) on wood siding
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15′ x 30′ BannerFrameCLASSIC(no cover sections) on metal tiles
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Easy as 1-2-3!
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