Keep It Fresh With BannerFrameHINGE!

Installing banners and swapping them frequently can be a chore. What if there was an easier way? Marion Public Library is a perfect example of the magic of BannerFrameHINGE.

BannerFrameHINGE is essentially a “snap-fame” signage system. Instead of being bolted to the channels, the cover sections are connected to the channels with a hinge. The metal cover sections can be flipped open to reveal the springs when it is time to install or swap out banners. With BannerFrameCLASSIC With Covers, and BannerFrameDELUXE, the cover sections are individually bolted to the frame channels. The look is clean and it covers the springs, but it can be a bit time consuming to replace banners.

20220509_114855-300x225 BannerFrameHINGE    IMG_20220224_115230700_HDR-_1_-290x300 BannerFrameHINGE

BannerFrameHINGE solves this problem. It combines the clean look of the cover sections, with the ability to to high-speed banner changes. This is incredibly helpful when frequent marketing changes are required. Many businesses do seasonal change-outs or have different signage to promote different product lines. BannerFrameHINGE is perfect for retail, religious organizations, public recreational facilities, and more!

Marion-Public-Library-Completion-Pic-8-15-2022-283x300 BannerFrameHINGE    KIMG3890-300x284 BannerFrameHINGE

BannerFrameHINGE can be installed directly from the box by one person in one hour. As usual, use self tapping screws to bolt the 4ft channel sections to the wall. Each 4ft section weighs roughly 4 pounds because it has both the channel and the cover in one piece. Once your channels are secured to the wall, attach the provided seam covers where the two channels meet.

Installing the banner could not be simpler. Insert the spring tips into the perimeter of the vinyl. Magnets are included for the corner pieces. Close the side cover sections first, followed by the top and bottom covers, and you’re done!

It’s a simple as this: With BannerFrameHINGE, change-outs are incredibly easy. Thus, there is the ability to regenerate fresh content on any building. This results in excited clients and returning customers. All SignSpring products have lifetime durability which means recurring revenue for sign shops and vinyl suppliers!

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Want to take your frame game to the next level? Ask us about our Pre-Hang Kits for small-scale signs. Want To go big? Talk to our experts about what you’ll need to succeed when installing for the first time!