BannerFrame Gets Stucco!

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BannerFrame Gets Stucco!

Don’t let it fool you. Stucco walls may be pleasing to the eye, but they are often a challenge for sign installers. If a stucco wall is your next project, use Lind BannerFrame! No other banner installation system comes close. Here’s why.

Stucco is a tricky surface. It can crumble easily if a heavy load is attached to it. Depending on how the wall was originally built, the layer beneath the stucco might not be solid enough for signage to be attached. Additionally, stucco often has a textured surface for aesthetic purposes. How can a level sign be attached to an uneven wall?

BannerFrame can conquer all these challenges. First, if a wall is uneven, build a new base. This signage for Park Hospitality sits on a beveled wall. With BannerFrame, the installer was able to attach a step making the surface even again. On textured surfaces, the installer can attach a wood frame to the wall so the BannerFrame sections have something to grip.

Park-Hospitality-300x182 BannerFrame Gets Stucco!     Frame-300x173 BannerFrame Gets Stucco!

The second challenge is weight. The genius of BannerFrame is weight distribution. This is true for all installations especially those with windy weather conditions. The BannerFrame system is lightweight and comes in pre-measured sections. Each 4-foot “channel section” is bolted not only to the other frame sections but directly to the surface itself. When wind hits the banner, the force is directed onto the numerous springs with an equal share and movement. This is very important on a stucco surface.

Mansfield-Motor-Group-BannerFrame-On-Stucco-300x225 BannerFrame Gets Stucco!     Vincent-Printing-BannerFrame-300x225 BannerFrame Gets Stucco!

The third and most important challenge is depth. Stucco can crumble if the object attached is too heavy. The best way to be sure the signage is secure is to drill down into the solid surface beneath the stucco. This requires special screws such as cladding screws and expansion anchors in order to reach deep enough to be secure. Our system is designed to be compatible with these types of self-tapping screws. With this combination of technology and engineering, SignSpring products are up for the challenge of a stucco wall.

20220415_093557-300x201 BannerFrame Gets Stucco!    Precision-Color-Graphics-5.18-BannerFrame-300x188 BannerFrame Gets Stucco!

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