Why BannerFrame is the Best Banner Installation Method on the Market

Outdoor banner on the side of a brick building

Many see a blank wall and think nothing of it. But to those in the outdoor advertising industry, we see it as an opportunity. To us, it’s a blank canvas. All it needs is a vinyl banner and it transforms from a boring wall to something that attracts customers.

But the problem is how to install a banner on that wall. There are various methods you can use to install a banner, but which method is the most effective?

In this blog, we’ll break down the various banner installation methods and show you why Lind SignSpring’s BannerFrame systems are the best banner hanging system on the market today to display your P-O-P banner or sign.

Why Grommets are Bad for Hanging Banners

For several decades, the go-to method to installing banners is using grommets. The grommet is punched through the substrates then used to suspend the banner using bungee cords, rope, clips, zip ties, or cables.

Although grommets have worked for years, they do come with a lot of problems, such as:

  • They can easily damage the banner, which can be an issue if you want to use the banner again.
  • The banner can easily bunch up around the grommet, creating a wrinkled appearance once hung.
  • You have to be exact in your measurements when installing grommets to prevent bunching or wrinkling.
  • A special machine is needed to install the grommet on the banner properly.
  • All you need is one gusty day and the banner will be flown off in no time!

If you want a wrinkle-free banner that can be used over and over again, then grommets are not for you.

Pole Pockets Have Problems As Well

Another popular method is pole pockets. A pole pocket is created when the banner is folded over at the top of the banner then sewn to create a pocket. You can then slip the banner over a pole or thread a rope through the pocket and voila! Your banner is hung.

But you need to be careful with pole pockets. Not only does the size of the banner and the artwork on the banner has to be exact. If either measurement is off, it could affect the look of the banner once it’s hung. If your artwork comes close to the pole pocket, the surface can make it hard to read the text.

What About Adhesives?

So you don’t want to damage your banner, that makes sense. So you decide to use adhesive instead.

Bad idea.

Adhesives involve harsh chemicals that may not react very well to the surface of the wall. It may eat away the metal or wood or even the banner itself. To keep it on the wall, you would need to either add a piece of plywood to protect the wall or staple the banner to the wall, which doesn’t look very attractive. Plus, it can ruin your banner.

So, Why the BannerFrame Fabric Graphic Installation Method?

There are many banner installation systems available today but none are as reliable, durable, and easy to use as our BannerFrame system. Within three steps, your banner will be displayed without a wrinkle in sight. Engineered under the most extreme conditions, the BannerFrame system can withstand the strongest winds. And the best part of BannerFrame is it can be installed on any wall surface! Brick, wood, concrete, even metal, the BannerFrame system can be installed in less than two hours.

But why is BannerFrame superior over the rest of the banner installation methods? It’s all in the simplicity of the hook and spring technology. Like a trampoline, SignSpring generates continuous spring tension that is distributed evenly around the perimeter of the fabric graphic. This produces a tight, wrinkle-free, sag-free appearance whether The pressure is even and infinite, providing a durable, flawless surface with easy change-outs that enable sign companies to establish lucrative rotation contracts with clients.

Installation is a snap! Each system is shipped in pre-measured sections so you don’t even have to worry about measuring. All you need to do is remove the sections; secure the sections on the wall’s surface; attach your banner; and then add the covers, if you’re using them. Simple!

You’ll be amazed at the tight, wrinkle-free, and sag-free appearance of your banner. And with easy change-outs that don’t damage your banner, you can use and reuse your banners over and over again!

If you’re interested in learning more about the BannerFrame system or interested in receiving a quote for your project, contact Lind SignSpring today!