WOW. RPM Digs BannerFrame Classic!


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“We installed our first Lind BannerFrame this morning.
Our install crew is in love with your system”


Untitled-1536x864-WEB WOW. RPM Digs BannerFrame Classic!

20’x20′ Lind BannerFrameCLASSIC!
7oz vinyl on brick wall surface

“We needed a solution for a local hospital system to change out banners for quarterly marketing programs. The hospital facilities department was concerned about damage to the building with excessive drill holes into the building everytime the banner was changed out.

Lind SignSpring to the rescue!! Our company had never used this product in the past, but had seen the literature for it and we thought it was a good solution to this issue. Our installers were somewhat skeptical at first, with the thin banner material, not being sure how strong the overall system would be and hold up to heavy winds that the install location experiences.

With the ease of installation of the frame system, to the overall light weight of the banner material, and ease of attachment of the banner to the frame system, our installers are SOLD on this product. We will not sell/install an oversize banner again without the addition of the Lind SignSpring system. It really is that easy and durable.”

-Dave Crichton
RPM Signs
Johnstown, PA


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