SignSpring Fabric Graphic Installation System

PosterSpring FAQ

Will PosterSpring work on all styles of poster panels and trim?

YES, poster spring is designed to work easily with all molding types, both new and old, 30-sheet and 8-sheet. The narrow width enables a fit even below “stretch face” trim. PosterSpring even works nicely on radius corner or “retro” panels. PosterSpring and BannerSpring provide outstanding postings on bulletins and billboard poster panels that have no molding.

How difficult is it to install the PosterSpring system?

Very easy. No need to remove or replace trim, molding, or brackets. Lind Outdoor converted 90% of its poster plant without removing molding. A Billposter with a cordless drill, tape measure and 48 poster springs is all that is required.

Is the PosterSpring system eco-friendly?

PosterSpring is the most Eco-friendly system on the market. PosterSpring is the only system that enables easy rotation and re-use of SSPs. “One and done” does not have to apply when using the system.

Is PosterSpring durable and maintenance free?

Yes. Made in Ohio entirely of durable engineered Stainless Steel, each PosterSpring is an independent member of an overall system of springs with no plastic components whatsoever. While we have not seen a spring failure in over two years of use, each piece is easily replaceable simply by changing out an individual spring.

Must the molding or trim brackets be modified in any way?

No modification. Just drill small holes into side of molding at specified 18” intervals.

Can we still post glued posters and install Premier vinyl Wraps after installing PosterSpring?

Absolutely. Poster Spring is installed completely beneath the molding and does not protrude into the posting surface and display area when not in use. Further, vinyl wraps can be accomplished just as before as PosterSpring in completely contained beneath the molding.

Are there any special requirements when having posters printed?

No. While we prefer that the vendor pre-punch perimeter holes to our specifications, we can easily do the job ourselves with our SpringGrab tool. Lind Outdoor orders and uses posters from most vendors each of whom have their own designated systems. The beauty of the PosterSpring system is that it works with EVERY single sheet poster on the market.

What poster houses have provided your SSP posters?

All vendors that provide printing for regional and national outdoor campaign posters perform extremely well with PosterSpring. For local and regional buys, we often use MMT of Wooster, Ohio as their single sheet poster installs and displays very well while remaining durable enough for rotation. We have also been happy with Kramer Graphics which has a substrate more similar to lightweight vinyl. SSPs from Circle Graphics, Venture, United Grafix, Vincent, John Evans, OAI and Independents have each performed nicely as well.

What is the typical prep time and process for each posting?

None. Drop shipped posters for local and national buys go directly from the shipping box to the poster panel with absolutely no prep time. No gripper bars, cables or clips. Just the SSP poster and an installer using the PosterGrab hand tool.

Can Single Sheet posters really be rotated and re-used with PosterSpring?

Yes. The typical Single Sheet Poster can rotate up to twelve times and last over one year. PosterSpring requires limited protrusions into the poster while holding the SSP extremely close and tight to the face resulting in maximum poster life span. Lind Outdoor rotates hundreds of SSPs monthly with great success.

How has PosterSpring benefitted your Sales?

PosterSpring has provided amazing success on the sales side of our business because our poster and bulletin plants look awesome. Tight, wrinkle free postings equal happy advertisers. The ability to re-use and rotate single sheet posters has lowered production costs for our advertisers, enabling them to increase ad-spend in outdoor space. PosterSpring delivers lower production costs which provide a competitive advantage versus other outdoor operators and other media formats in general.

How has PosterSpring benefitted your Operations Department?

Very nicely. PosterSpring has enabled Lind to decrease Billposting positions by 60%, while enabling increased posting volume. We have been able to transfer personnel to construction, maintenance and vegetation control that has enabled us to elevate the quality, size and condition of our plant.

About what does each system cost?

We use (48) PosterSprings for each 30-sheet face which translates to 18” spacing. At less than $4.00 per spring, Poster spring is not only the most effective system, it is also the most affordable to purchase, install and operate.

How would you summarize the PosterSpring?

It really is a great product and we are not aware of a better system.