Step 1: Mark the Mark-line Print or sketch a thin line around the entire banner perimeter, ¾” inside the banner edge.

BannerFrame fabric graphic print and finishing diagram

Step 2: Mark holes on the 4 Sides* BannerFrame 4’ sections are either End-Sections or Middle-Sections. End Sections come pre-loaded with (5) springs. Middle Sections come pre-loaded with (4) springs. For either section type, Mark and punch 1/8” holes along the Mark-line (3/4” in from banner edge) using the correlating spacing for each section.

4' End Section:

End section diagram

4' Middle Section:

Middle section diagram


Corner diagram

Substrate: Lind SignSpring Group suggests 7 oz. for vinyl for most applications. However, SignSpring performs well on heavier vinyl along with mesh, backlit, PE and most fabric graphic substrates.

Finishing: For best results, edges should be stitched, hemmed, or welded to avoid edge-curl. Do not use grommets.

Printing: Artwork and Final printing should include a mark-line bordering the entire graphic, ¾” inside the banner edge. The holes may also be marked or inserted as part of the printing process. If using BannerFrame cover sections, remember that approximately 3” of vinyl perimeter will be covered by BannerFrame Cover. As such, do not print AD copy within 5” of edge.

Lind SignSpring Group provides graphic fulfillment that includes pre-markings and protrusions to assure efficient installation and flawless results.